You may not require as much space as you think – it depends on what you want to store, how stackable it is and what sort of access you need. We can advise you and get the right solution at the best price possible. So we are just one call away, give us a call and we will provide you price or space exactly you may need for your belongings.

We are 24 hours accessible you may need some items stored with us partially, you just give us a call and we will arrange it round the clock.

The free survey will be arranged upon your request for your shifting/relocation needs or even for the idea of approximate space you need to store your belongings in Mazari stores.

you can send us online request also with detailed provided of items you need to move or store with Mazari stores and we will get back to you with a quote.

We provide free consultation for your moving/relocation needs, whether its a question of how to move safe or what material should be used for some particular beloved items. Our professional will be always on your service.

We provide storage services for small companies also if they don’t have enough capacity to afford a warehouse for their needs.